breakfast and a nice dinner at hoss’s

When I said I had no plans or priorities today, I meant exactly that. I woke up around 10:30 today and Bryan had already left for work. I made myself a delicious smoothie with these great ingredients pictured, plus some frozen mixed berries. I have been very pleased with designer whey protein. with only 100 calories, it packs 18 grams of protein and very few carbs. I’ve only tried the French vanilla, but I am definitely pleased with the versatility of this product. I’ve made smoothies and shakes and also put some in my oatmeal and pancakes, very pleased! by the time I got around to shower and get my day stared Bryan came home and we headed to the gym in the afternoon. we raced each other on the stationary bikes which included this awesome virtual bike riding television, making it seem like you’re actually riding a bike in a park! we finished with some casual hockey shooting outside of our apartment. after bit we decided on an early dinner/late lunch date at Hoss’s steakhouse. I ordered the salad bar and created an amazing salad (paired with grapes which I didn’t include) I love the variety at Hoss’s, definitely one of my favorite restaurant in indiana. after filling our bellies it was time for some relaxation under the heated blanket! currently watching Bryan play his NHL hockey 2014 game while I type away this blog. counting down, less than a week of pure nothing and no stress before the spring semester begins and I am loaded down with schoolwork, let’s hope it’s not too bad this year!


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