on the go breakfast? Choose from the best

Bryan and I made a little date this morning to dunkin donuts, which I was a little hesitant about because when I think of dunkin donuts, I automatically think of donuts and fat. But they had plenty of healthy options to choose from! My breakfast was a veggie egg white flat bread with a brown sugar cinnamon coffee, while bryan got a big a toasted and a small latte. Although small, my flat bread was fairly filling. I didn’t have any regret after eating my breakfast this morning. Afterwards we left to the gym and rode bikes together, lifted, and worked on abs. We went over to the building next to our apartments which have a huge game room, where Bryan taught me how to play chess today, I must say, I’m not as bad as I anticipated! We came home to find out our toilet has been running for the entire time we were gone 😦


Can’t wait to see the next water bill….


Bryan's a little cold from the surprise snow we got this morning
Bryan’s a little cold from the surprise snow we got this morning
lunch today was a slice of pizza, about 3-4 inches crust wise, compliments from the Pizza House. They were giving out free pizza today in the game room, and I feel as though I can indulge a little today. Now it’s time to relax until I have to meet up with my friends tonight. Wonder what the rest of the day has instore.

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