Why buy Naked drinks when you can make your own?

ImageImageWhy buy Naked brand drinks while you can just juice and drink on your own? With the new juicer my mother got me for Christmas, I couldn’t help but juice up an amazing drink today! By mixing 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1/4 cup of pineapple and 6 baby carrots, I made an amazing drink. I was a little hesitant on adding the carrots, but I honestly can’t taste any of the carrots I added, i might have to add more next time! I’ve really been looking into these juicing cleanses, so after I try a few of my own recipes I’ll give that cleanse a shot. Besides, with all the news about Naked containing formaldehyde, why not juice yourself so you know it’s safe? you can read about all of that naked hype here




My day began with my ususal smoothie, but I’m really trying to find some new ideas beause this smoothie is getting a little old. Although it really helps me reach my day’s worth of protein, I need some variety in life! With classes beginning in a few days it’s going to be hard to fit in all of the nutrients we need in a day, but I’ll prove to you that college students as busy as me can do that!

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