the bittersweet day-before-new-semester

ImageIt’s always a bitter sweet moment when it’s your last day of winter break and it’s back to the real world of classes and learning. Today though I spent most of my time slaving over beer and breaking down boxes in the café. I woke up around 6 in the morning with Bryan and made myself a smoothie while he grabbed some cereal. We squeezed in a game of chess before I headed off to work at 7am (stalemate game…but Bryan’s much better and probably will win tonight’s game!) After learning how to play chess from him, that’s all I’ve been interested in doing. I definitely suggest learning if you don’t know how too, it’s much more fun and entertaining than checkers.

My lunch break consisted of a banana and greek yogurt, my favorite of course. I wasn’t really that hungry at all but I knew I needed something to last the rest of the eight hour shift. Clocking out of work today was the best feeling ever, because all I wanted to do was go home and make a nice meal and relax while Bryan (as usual) played Grand Theft Auto. But instead Bryan decided to take me to Hoss’s tonight! Which meant soup, salad, and dessert buffet! The dessert part can really kill the meal, so you have to be weary about what you choose. I piled on a bunch of greens and vegetables on my salad with some grapes and a piece of bread pudding as dessert. The cinnamon bread I have pictured wasn’t the greatest, so I didn’t even bother taking a second bite. Bryan ordered a steak and a baked potato, which also came with the soup and salad bar. If you don’t have a Hoss’s near your hometown you’re missing out! Definitely one of my favorite places to dine at.



Now as soon as all that salad digests In my stomach it’ll be time for Jillian Michaels ab session! It’s only day three and I can already feel some pain in my obliques. Motivation is one of the hardest things that keeps me from continuing a workout. Honestly though, if you want it bad enough, motivation shouldn’t be a problem. If you like what you’re doing, you will be motivated to do it. So make working out fun. Grab your friends or boyfriend or co workers, set dates and times and workout together. Join new classes like Zumba or Spin class, or (just like I did) buy a dvd and get off your couch! Make working out fun and you’ll be more inclined to continue.




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