The busiest day of my life is finally coming to an end

20140121-214750.jpgI finally have time to sit down and write! This has definitely been one of the busiest days that I have had in a while. I woke up around 7am with Bryan and prepared myself a smoothie to bring to work at the post office this morning. The post office was flooded with kids just coming in and picking up all their textbooks for class, but luckily I had some spare time to down my smoothie. I ran out of mixed berries so I settled for just blueberries in my smoothie today. After working until 11, I headed to my first class, which was a health and wellness class. The main point of this general education class is to promote healthy decisions and healthy eating patterns, which hey, is right up my alley! After that class I had my honors science class, which I can already tell will be tough. We already have journals to write and chapters to read in the book discussing “Why we are human”. An interesting concept to think about, but not something my brain wanted to dive into at 1 in the afternoon. I managed to rush home and grab a nice salad to eat before my last class of the day, which was Advanced Human Nutrition. I’ve heard many things about that class; that it’s hard and the professor is awful, but I’m choosing to block that gossip from my ears and just do what I can to get an A. I’ve already got my work cut out for me with two online classes and three on-campus classes, plus two jobs. Hopefully this girl can handle it!


20140121-214812.jpgMy friend Kelsey and I, who is also a nutrition major, headed to the gym after my Advanced Human Nutrition class to blow off some steam. We ran the treadmill and worked on ab routines. As I stated in my last post, it’s always great to work out with a friend, especially a friend who is more motivated. That way, you’ll want to work extra hard to keep up!

Tomorrow’s plans include working on some homework before my first and only class, which is Advanced Human Nutrition (AHN is the new abbreviation I will use) and then off to work at the café in Martins! Wonder how many students will be purchasing beer for me this week now that it’s syllabus week and there’s “no work” for them to do. It pains me to watch students come in every day, recognizing their faces from their constant beer and alcohol purchases. Yeah, of course I want to go out and party and have a great time; yes of course I love drinking and find it fun and relaxing and I definitely think it makes parties more fun. But from a nutritional standpoint/my brain being wired all science/healthy oriented, I regret every drink I take thinking of all the empty calories I’m filling my stomach with.

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