Wednesday Winter Blues and Chocolate Glazed Donuts


These past three to four days has been nothing but snowstorms! I knew I chose a college in the snow belt, but I wasn’t expecting this much snow! Now where does this chocolate glazed donut come in? No, it’s not that delicious donut form Dunkin Donuts that my mouth would instantly water over, it’s my new Dunkin Donut’s chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee! I love this coffee, especially paired with a vanilla or chocolate flavored creamer.

20140122_133715045_iOSWaking up and drinking this out of my favorite Hershey park mug is a great start to my day. As I get ready and dressed for my class at 2:30, I have all morning and afternoon to do some paperwork and catch up on class readings and homework before my class. I’ll squeeze in some Jillian Michaels before I leave as well, since I’ll be gone all afternoon with school/work. Being busy is hard for some people to eat healthy, but always remember to eat every three to four hours, just to keep your metabolism running and prevent it from going into starvation mode. The worst thing you can do is not eat, because once you finally sit down after not eating for 7-8 hours, you won’t be able to choose healthy and just consume whatever it is you can! (trust me, we’ve all done it).


Now the real question of the morning…what’s for breakfast? What are you all having on this blistering cold day?

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