Saturday and Sunday’s festivities 1-08 and 1-09

ImageImageImageBryan and I woke up and I  decided to treat him to an “Almost your birthday” lunch! We decided to skip breakfast and eat at our favorite buffet location, Hoss’s Steakhouse. I snapped a photo of my salad and side of grapes and chips/salsa. Bryan couldn’t wait for his birthday (which is in march) so he opened his gifts from me today haha! I got him tickets to the Vans Warped Tour, plus a hotel that we’ll stay in when we go. Also I got him a LA Kings t shirt, which he’s currently wearing and looking great in now!



Yesterday was an incredible a busy day! Woke up and headed to the Uptown Fitness “Cold Hands Warm Heart” 8K and Nutrition fair located on the main street in Indiana PA. A few dietetics students and I worked together and made a booth on healthy trail mix and smoothie ideas, which were a hit! We were able to talk to the current dietetic interns and gain knowledge about the internship process and receive tips that’ll help us have a better chance in the future to receive an internship. It was a great event, and the amount of people that ran in that 20 degree weather….well, congrats to them! I also splurged and headed to the Gingerbreadman Running store and bought myself new running shoes! Couldn’t be any happier with my purchases.


ImageNow, off to work! Let’s hope the café isn’t incredibly busy this evening.

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