Running before my day begins: 2-10-14

ImageFinishing a good workout before my day even started was the best feeling ever! I woke up around 6 and headed to the gym at 730 for a run and arm workouts. After that I headed into my job at the post office and started the busy day there. Everyone is picking up their valentines day packages, so these next few days are going to be incredible busy! I wasn’t hungry when insole up but I did have 3\4 cup of bran flakes before I went to the gym. Now I am off to my next class before I head to work at the café! I brought along some banana bread to eat in this class and packed some trail mix to snack on at work tonight. All of my classes have been piling on all of the work in the same days, so these next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t eat healthy and fit in exercise! 

The Gingerbread Running store is having a couples fun run on Thursday…i think Bryan and I will have to show up!

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