It’s only 1pm and my day couldn’t be any better 1-11-14

cannot hold in my excitement!

I cannot hold my excitement in anymore!! I woke up and grabbed some breakfast with Kelsey:

-egg white omlette with spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and peppers

-a cup of grapes


and all we did was catch up and discussed any interesting things that have been going on in ours lives since I haven’t seen her in forever! Happy 21st Kelsey, go out and have a good time by the way!

After breakfast I headed over to my job at the post office and worked there for a few hours. I talked to my co worker about the state of Colorado, and how incredible their weather is right now (56 degrees compared to my current 6 degrees…) and am debating if I would ever venture out there. I’m really missing the scene of hiking and nature, and would love to just take a plane and visit there. Maybe I’ll plan a random trip there this summer!

Now…here comes the good news! I went to a meeting with a professor of psychology and he offered me the position to help him research eating disorder behaviors! How incredible is that?! A published psychologist…working with me….on my dream career of working with eating disorder patients! The study seems very interesting and simple, and I won’t give any details on what the study is hehe 😉 Can’t wait to have my name published someday regarding this study! I celebrated with a cup of coffee and a trail mix of raisins peanuts chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels. Honestly, this day just cannot get any better!

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