1-12-14: feeling more energized than ever

mmmm 🙂

ImageI woke up, not wanting my day to begin just yet. All I wanted was to hit the snooze and fall back to sleep, but I knew my job wouldn’t appreciate the opening shift to call out. So I headed over to the bathroom and began getting ready. My shift only lasted four hours, so I grabbed a handful of peanuts and raisins and headed out the door at 6:45am.

I came home around 11am and had a banana and greek yogurt mixed with frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries). I never liked the vanilla lite and fit because I could really taste the aspartame for the after taste, but the greek one is actually really good. I like buying in bulk because I can just take a scoop out and throw it ontop of my fruit. The sad part is there is less of a variety 😦

I took the bus over to the gym and had an amazing workout! I ran on the treadmill, worked out my arms and abs, and I honestly didn’t want to leave! I think it was from my Herbalife Total Control supplement I took an hour before the gym. It boosted my energy and kept me focused. I wasn’t even staring at the clock at all while running.

Sadly, on the topic of running, I had to return my new shoes I bought from Craig. The asics weren’t wide enough for my misshapen and flat feets, so I had to exchange for a different pair that supports my overpronated feet. Luckily I found a nice pair of Nike which were full of support and I only had to pay a few dollars extra! Can’t wait to do the Couple’s Fun Run tomorrow night and try these babies out.

After I finish all of these homework I’m planning on baking some delicious bread. Might just have to upload the recipe!

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