1-15-14 Valentines recap and a beautiful morning in Indiana PA!

cuteI headed to the gym last night before Bryan and I came home and started to prepare dinner.Last night was definitely one of the most relaxing and enjoyable Valentines Day. With Bryan and I agreeing not to exchange gifts, it wasn’t as hectic as everyone else’s. We made spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer, my black bean and vegetable salad for dinner (and his chicken breast salad) followed by chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, pound cake, and cheesecake bites! Such a success! The fondue as delicious and so easy to make:

-2 ounces of heavy whipping cream

-10 ounces of milk chocolate morsels

Heat the whipping cream on the stove top but don’t let it boil. Then mix in the chips while the heat is still on. BAM! You’ve got a delicious fondue set, without having to spend too much. Perfect cold evening date night. Although it wasn’t the healthiest dessert of course, I think we all deserve to indulge…but not go overboard!


20140215_185756344_iOSThis morning I had work at around 7:30, and started my day with some leftover strawberries, bananas, and mixed fruit with my vanilla greek yogurt. During work I snacked on some mixed nuts and chocolate pieces on my break, just to boost my energy to continue the rest of my shift. I came home and wasn’t entirely hungry, so I made (again) my breakfast: fruit and yogurt! I cannot explain how obsessed and delicious this is! Definitely my new go-to food when I’m craving something but not sure what. Now I’m just procrastinating some of this homework. Hopefully it’ll all get done soon enough! Speaking of getting down with…I hope all of this snow goes away! It’s been snowing for over a week straight, and I’m really missing my spring time weather. Cannot wait to see the flowers blooming soon and to feel the breeze when I run outside again.

Happy Saturday!



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