Always stay positive!

ImageSometimes days don’t go your way, but you can’t complain about it. Although work took a beautiful chunk out of my day, I couldn’t let it affect me. I went on a nice run after work today! Felt good to get out of my work uniform and into some comfy gym clothes. A little boy on a bike raced me most of my run, so it was nice to have some competition. I have become so spoiled with this beautiful weather I am going to be so upset when winter comes back.

After my run I managed to fit in some cleaning of the apartment and then finished the day with some carrots and hummus as a side to, of course, my go to quick meal! Not sure when that meal will get old, but until then I will eat it as much as possible. My friends and I are making dinner tomorrow and we need some incredibly delicious summer time recipes. Anyone have a good one they would love to share? Image












ImageSome people have told me that they struggle with consuming enough water on a daily basis, and I used to be the same way. What’s my trick? I fill two water bottles, each 36 ounces full. I make sure to bring them everywhere! All of my friends call me the water bottle lady. By knowing how much water is in those two bottles, I’m able to gauge how much I drink each day. If I only consume one I think, “wow I only consumed half of the amount I need a day, keep going Tabitha” it’s an easy reminder for yourself. try it out!

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