and the day went downhill from there


spending your entire day at work can seem endless! I didn’t make it out until 8pm tonight. Putting together end caps, taking down displays and crushing boxes took forever. I did pack myself a pb&j (made with PB2) and banana sandwich with an apple, and for my second break I had some unpictured trail mix!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love my job, and how much I love the fact that I am majoring in nutrition and food. I has a customer come to me today asking for probiotics and recommendation. she said she needed to stay away from soy and claimed her son’s allergies were diminishing due to the probiotic use, so I started to talk about the immunoglobulins that are in our bodies that can be affected by probiotics. I found the perfect probiotic for her and she was beyond excited–the look on her face made me so incredibly happy that I just wait I was graduated and in my field! the community also that I work with is amazing. I love my co workers,
I love how much I joke and laugh at work, literally couldn’t be any happier. today two of my favorite co workers surprised me at my house with this huge Mexican Tostitos chip display for my apartment! literally couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes life really is incredible.

hopefully tomorrow is much more relaxed than today. helping my room mate move out and having to clean the entire house so late wore me out. can’t wait to get up and squeeze in a good workout tomorrow!


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