PB2 all the way!

ImageAfter leaving work i made myself 2 slices of whole wheat toast with pb2 on one slice and strawberry jam on the other, topped with banana slices with a side of an apple! I could eat pb2 all day long if I needed too. I could also top bananas on absolutely everything else well. Now I get a few minutes of relaxation before  I head over to my job orientation for the pool attendant! Can’t wait to get catching some sun while working all during the same time. Hopefully I can squeeze in my run before I make dinner with some friends tonight, if not I guess I’ll have to double run tomorrow or push them off until later.

The thing about exercise most people struggle with is claiming that they do not have enough time. Yes, we all do. Although we claim we don’t, we do. You do not need to sleep in until 10am every day. Wake up at 8am and go for a run, or heck, even 9am and go for a run or lift weights. Bam! There’s your exercise for the day. Although I do sometimes feel that there isn’t enough time in the day (work at 8am, class until 3:30, work 4-10, sleep at some point….) We have t make some sacrifices to feel great and get the results we want. Hopefully soon enough I will be able to say that exercise is as routine as brushing my teeth!

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