cheers to new friends and new health


looks like regular pizza, taste like regular pizza, much healthier than regular pizza.

Last night my friend and I decided to be a little creative with our dinner, so we decided to cook up a low-carb cauliflower crust pizza! I must say we were both fairly skeptical of the results, but honestly the results could not have tasted any better! for the recipe, click here. This dish was such easier than I anticipated, and I do believe I will make this more than once in my life. I would have to say the hardest part was squeezing out all of the water from the cauliflower. We added peppers, onions, cheese, garlic tomato sauce, jalepenos and crushed red pepper to the mix. 

Needless to say I will never go back to regular pizza!








ImageThis morning I was able to get up and go for a run, following up with a delicious breakfast for one! Whole wheat toast with pb2, strawberry jam, banana slices and flax seeds with a side of cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon, flax seeds, banana slices and berries! This breakfast is jammed packed with so much variety, such a great way to start the day. Protein to keep me full until lunch, complex carbs to keep my energy up and insulin levels in check, a few simple carbs to give me immediate energy, a little bit of fat to keep me full as well! The flax seeds are a great source of plant omega-3’s plus pack a punch of fiber in them! The way to get the most benefits though is by grinding them up, or else it’ll go right through you! 

Another thing many people question me about is this whole “PB2” nonsense. Well, let me tell you. I used to consume so much peanut butter when I was growing up. Although healthy, peanut butter does pack a lot of calories in them. With Pb2, I can eat the same amount of peanut butter with half of the calories and fat! I still get similar amounts of protein which is exactly what I need. Some people believe it’s a process by having to add water to the powdered peanut butter, but I don’t see it as a hassle at all. Taking two minutes to add a tablespoon of water isn’t going to kill anyone. I definitely r recommend checking it out here

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