home sweet home!

ImageI need to stop being such a night owl! The past two nights have truly been some of the best nights of my life! As a newly single nineteen year old, I’ve finally been figuring myself out, going out and enjoying my evenings with friends and family and trying new things and actually being (gasp!) spontaneous. Tuesday night I ended up going out to my friend’s party and truly letting myself loose and being that social butterfly I knew I was destined to be. Staying up late that night pushed my workout a few hours behind but i still managed to get it in.

Last night I managed to go back out and stay up late with a few friends and watch a marathon of movies until 5 in the morning…talk about night owl! Having to be up at 8am for a five hour car ride home with the family wasn’t doing muchc justice either. I woke up and made myself some breakfast of pb2, jam, and flax seeds with some coffee, and by the time i sipped the last of my coffee, the parents arrived to Indiana and off to NJ we went!


Now, I sit in my home in NJ in the living room squeezed between two loving parents as they fill their brains with the mindless episodes of the big bang theory. My workout tonight was much better than usual, listening to Portugal the Man while running around my real neighborhood in the rain just simply couldn’t get any better.

It’s nice to be back home.

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