wake up everyone!

20140522-070754-25674120.jpg starting my day out right with some cottage cheese toast and pineapple and strawberries! My two friends Kurt and Rob invited me to get coffee this morning, so I’m sadly holding off on the coffee until 8am. I’ve been working two jobs lately, my new one at the pool as a pool attendant just began and I’m excited to see how it goes! Yesterday I worked in the morning and did some power washing, cleaning and took a tour of a typical day on the job (nothing too crazy, just chemical testing, sanitizing steps, chlorine tests, etc.). Now I’m being a lazy girl and having some breakfast before our coffee getogether!

One of my great friends and mentors Theresa invited me to sign up for a 10k coming this October, so if any woman is in the NJ region, check it out! click HERE!

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