Juicing up for June!


20140625_130706861_iOSCheers to the ending of June and bring on July! Although I’ve had this juicer since Christmas time, I’ve decided to buy a few books on how to juice, why to juice, the benefits, and yada yada you know all that technical stuff. I purchased “The Everything Guide to Juicing” which I highly recommend. This specific edition has 150 recipes AND includes nutrition information and the healing powers of all the juices. I decided to give it a whack and try celery, carrots, an apple, some kale, and a few strawberries. I recommend putting the kale in first, and then the rest of the vegetables and fruit, the kale didn’t juice right away so I needed some of the vegetables and fruit to push it through. Some people think it’s gross, other people claim it’s amazing only because it’s the new “trend” and they want to seem “healthy” but honestly, if it doesn’t taste good then i WILL NOT touch it. To my surprise, it actually came out great! The celery wasn’t too overpowering and the strawberries really sweetened it up. I added some frozen blueberries to be used as “ice cubes” so the juice wouldn’t be watered down. I’ll have to experience with more recipes and get back to you all!


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