Productive mornings are the best!

20140707-112456-41096578.jpgGood morning everyone! You know those days where all you want to do is sleep in? NO!


Try to remember how great you will feel after your workout. My alarm went off at 5:15 and I was like noooo five more minutes. I set my 5:30 alarm and awoke, knowing I had to get my butt up and get to the gym. With the past two days working at 7am and then 4:30 am (killer!!) I took two days off from the gym. It felt so great to get back in their and kick some butt! I managed to run an extra mile on the treadmill, so I was fairly proud of that.

Feeling as productive as I was, I managed to get so much work done this morning!

-Went to the gym

-Walmart and grocery store

-vacuumed the house

-mopped the floor

Now it’s time to soak up my only day off this week! Was completely out of blueberries when I made breakfast, so I opted for frozen raspberries (still plenty of antioxidants!) and gobbled down my breakfast. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year in my little apartment and I’m moving out of it in a few weeks 😦 Cannot wait to be back home in NJ with the family for a few weeks before I move back up here in a new apartment, with new friends, starting a brand new school year.

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