Smoothie mornings!

I have no idea what anyone has been putting in my food or who has been sprinkling motivation dust on me each morning but lately I’ve been kicking butt at the gym! I wake up not wanting to go at all and once I get there BAM! I’m running faster and longer than ever! Each morning I wake up and take three supplements:
– Infinite labs carnitine mtx (2 pills 2x daily)
-infinite labs final form (2 pills 2x daily on an empty stomach)
-infinite labs final cuts (2 pills before training)

20140708-084301-31381948.jpgAnd of course a cup of coffee, check my email, scroll through Instagram (fine me! tabitha_anne918) and within 20 minutes I’m ready to head out the door. I came back and experimented with Abbi’s blender that she left at my house and a few ingredients. I threw in:

2 leaves of kale,

1 cup of fresh blueberries and strawberries followed by a few frozen strawberries

about 1/4 cup of low calorie peach juice

and blended it up. It was delicious! I knew I needed more substance so I threw in:

1/2 scoop of Designer whey vanilla protein powder and eyeballed more of my peach juice.

I must say it was rather good and delicious smoothie, easily one of the best ones I’ve made. I couldn’t taste the kale at all! I added some frozen blueberries as my ice cubes to keep it cold while I drank and scrolled through more emails hahah, I mean who loves a warm smoothie? no one!

20140708-084340-31420428.jpgI paired my smoothie with an apple and some peanut butter as well. I’m the girl who needs a crunch and needs to eat a breakfast rather than drink it, so I settled for an apple. Apples are SO healthy for you! Affordable (roughly 3-4 dollars a bag) and chock full of nutrients: Antioxidants to fight cancer, vitamin C for your immune system, soluble fiber to lower your LDL cholesterol, I could keep going! Apples are definitely a great staple to keep in the house at all times. I tend to eat them as snacks instead of rummaging through my cabinets looking for pretzels or goldfish crackers. Head to the store and don’t forget to pick up a bag! My favorites are golden delicious and gala.

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