Day 2: What I wore today plus banana ice cream!

20140709-212731-77251018.jpgwellll I must admit I’ve done a few costume changes today! Had my bathing suit on earlier as I worked at the pool but quickly changed into this comfy outfit of my favorite tye dye shirt and yoga shorts and headed to abbi’s to spend my evening with her and jam out to some tunes. Eminem radio anyone!? How cool would it be to host a cooking channel at my college? I met a person today who said I should talk to my communication media department and ask if I could have a quick segment on the IUP Tv channel and host a cooking segment!

20140709-222731-80851182.jpgAlso ended my day with a sweet treat! banana and strawberry “ice cream”

1-5 frozen bananas
splash of almond milk
Handful of strawberries

I threw in the bananas and a few splashes of milk. The less milk, the thicker the consistency, which is what I was aiming for. I blended up it all and dumped half of the mixture into my glass, and added strawberries to the other half that was still in the blended. I blended up that and then poured the new berry mixture on too. Voila! Only took about 5 minutes and completely guilt free! Enjoy and have a great Wednesday night!

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