Morning motivation!

20140709-095108-35468434.jpgWoke up and was able to get ready right away and make it over to the gym. Had so much energy that I nearly lost track of time! Had to rush and shower and eat some breakfast done before work at 830, but I whipped up my kale protein berry smoothie and some cottage cheese with berries.

20140709-095230-35550533.jpgLast night before work I cut up a whole bunch of magazines and pasted them on a poster board. I love getting crafty and artsy (my mom probably remembers me making a huge mess with the paints and glue on the table growing up) so this was a perfect mix of my love of fitness and art! Anything you could possibly relate to fitness and motivation in the magazines (words, phrases,
photos, food) I found and simply glued to the board. I’m thinking of finding a cheap frame and making it look presentable. Now time to sit back, relax, and write some some new recipes while I work as a pool attendant.

20140709-095403-35643466.jpg Can you tell it’s a little chilly today? No one is here right now! Never let “hump day” get your motivation down! Enjoy your mornings everyone 🙂

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