TGIF annoyances!

<img src="https://daleydish.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140711-081832-29912958.jpg” alt=”20140711-081832-29912958.jpg” class=”alignleft size-full” />Good morning WordPress! I hope you’re all awake and ready to start your day! After my great workout today (bumped my squatting weight up 10 pounds!) i showered and did a huge cleaning session! With the apartment lease coming to an end, and me wanting every penny from my security deposit, cleaning is a must! I didn’t realize how hungry I was so I whipped up a spinach pepper onion and cheese egg white omelette. What seriously annoys me the most is when your stove is crooked! is anyone else’s oven that way? When I bake brownies or a cake the batter always seem to tilt to one side of the pan hahah! With cookies and brownies, one side seem to burn quicker than the oven. I’ll have to be sure to add “evenly built oven” on my dream house list. Because of how crooked the stove is, omelettes never come out well! You can clearly see the before and aftermath of this mess. i believe it’s the stove but I can guarantee my mother would say otherwise 😉 20140711-081927-29967587.jpg

Other things that tend to annoy me:

-people who leave one dish in the sink. like come on it won’t take you a year to clean it!
-women who wear makeup to the gym
-those who do not wipe off the machines after the gym
-those who do not take the weights off the machine and/or put them back where they belong
-stepping on a penny with your barefoot and thinking you stepped in water
-downpouring rain while driving
-the smell of body odor

what are some of your annoyances?

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