Day 5: After hours (and my Saturday wrap up)

<img src="https://daleydish.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140712-224744-82064689.jpg" alt="20140712-224744-82064689.jpg" class="alignleft size-full” />So working 1-10pm on my feet all day honestly KILLS my energy. my friends always wonder why I don’t want to go out or why I don’t mind enjoying a Saturday night in, and I tell them “you stand and restock shelves for 9 hours and tell me how you feel afterward”. My best is my best friend right now. So yes, after hours includes my little feet laying across my bed, and you can see that nice and thick bandage wrapped around my right foot. While stocking I tripped over the wooden pallet and sliced my foot open. That’s also the same foot that has a blister from running, so tomorrow’s 2 mile run is going to be just FABULOUS! 😦

I ordered some new supplements from bodybuilding.com, and can’t wait for them to come in and show you! Hopefully they’ll work well for me and really kick my body in gear. Oh! and I received amazing news! I’m doing research this upcoming year with a student in the psychology department who is working on her dissertation for school, and she’s letting me help her work on eating patterns and behaviors! She said she’ll video tape me as I give my “psychoeducational” spiel about food and nutrition. I’m so pumped for this!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday nights!

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