Rise and shine: Nike everything!

I20140712-082842-30522577.jpgit makes me laugh so hard how the gym is never packed on Saturday mornings at 5:30, versus the week days that is. No one is crazy enough to wake up and workout that early I supposed, which I don’t blame them, who wouldn’t want to sleep in? Honestly for the past two months I’ve truly enjoyed waking up early and getting my day started. In my opinion, waking up and getting an hour of exercise in is much better than an not of sleep. I feel way more energized that way! I remwmber when I was younger I would always sleep in until noon or even later, but by then your day is completely shot and gone. Time goes by so quickly, why would anyone want to waste a second of precious time?

20140712-083340-30820738.jpgAfter my workout today, I came home and prepared myself a protein shake:
-MetRx chocolate protein powder (1/2 the packet)
-6-8 ounces of almond milk
-1/3 banana

This was probably one of the few basic protein shakes I actually was able to drink. the powder thickens up so nicely it was almost pudding consistency. I paired the shake with some cottage cheese and an apple and i was set. Now off to shop online and browse some new Nike pro shorts! I’ve recentally been in love with them but inevitably none of the ones I want are in my size! doesn’t that always happen to you? ughhh.

I’ve been interested in the Nike fuel band–does anyone have that? Any recommendations on watches that track your speed calories distance and possibly sleep patterns!? Thanks!

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