Day 6: Obsession, and a few other topics

20140713-091745-33465699.jpgDay 6 discusses obsessions, so here’s a photo of that actually perfectly describes some of my obsessions!
-cats (on my mug)
-mugs, especially cat and princess mugs
-fuzzy socks

A few things that aren’t in the photo that I am obsessed with:

nutrition, as in if anyone talks to me chances are I’ll bring up some fact. I remember laying out and tanning with a few friends last month & my friend complained of how bright the sun was and all I wanted to do was explain how vitamin A plays a role in your night vision and why you react the way you do to bright light…but I restrained myself 🙂 It’s actually due to the breakdown of rhodopsin, which is formed by retinal (a form of vitamin A).
reusable water bottles: I seriously have an obsession with these! I have nearly 5-6 reusable water bottles, filtered bottles, travel mugs, etc. my newest one is, no surprise, a Disney princess one from my friend Abbi. my friends know me so well 🙂
cleanliness come on who doesn’t love a clean house? a clean desk? a clean bathroom?

A finished my intense (and lonely, since it was an empty gym!) workout and gulped down a chocolate banana strawberry protein shake. Surprisingly I was able to handle this too. most protein shakes taste rather gross, but this one wasn’t too bad


-pure protein triple chocolate shake protein powder
-1/3 banana
– 3 huge strawberries
-6-8 ounces of milk (I use almond)
– spoonful of cottage cheese for thickness

I really could taste the banana so maybe I used too much or it was just too ripe. but it cancelled out that “this is obviously a protein shake” taste hahah. Hope you all kick started your morning and are enjoying yourselves!!

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