Omelette for lunch & time for work!

20140713-154030-56430929.jpgWhipped up an egg white omelette with cumin, crushed rep pepper, peppers and onions, spinach and cheese with a super ripe peach for lunch. I’m impressed these peaches have stayed for so long without getting overly ripe. I’m dreading this 30 minute wait before work, but the good news is that Bryan will be home when I get off work. We’ve got a few fun filled ideas for the next three two days that he will be in town:
Pittsburgh trip: hopefully the Carnegie Science Center and a cute little coffee shop. Crossing my fingers that rain will hold off.
Warped tour can’t wait to listen to some good music and rock out with my best friend. The lineup this year seems pretty spot on so I’ll have to snap a few photos while I’m there.

Important thing to think about when on the go/road trips: ALWAYS bring snacks! I can remember attending warped tour 2012 with Bryan and all they had was junk food or overly priced food: no no no! make sure you bring snacks to hold you over. Some places won’t permit so you’ll have to plan accordingly (eat a huge breakfast and choose your food wisely). Luckily this show allows us to bring food.

For Pittsburgh were planning on stopping at a place to eat, so I’ll decode the menu while I’m there, but I’ll definitely bring an apple and a granola bar, just incase.

For Warped tour, which is an all day event (10am-9pm) Were planning on stopping for breakfast right before we arrive, packing some snacks for throughout the day and enjoying a light (for me anyways!) dinner after there show. I’ll be sure to pack:
-granola bars
– trail mix

It’s going to be roughly 80 degrees, so I have to plan accordingly (no chocolate or meltable/refrigerated products.

Can’t wait to see what these next few days hold! Time for work, Happy Sunday everyone!

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