Day 7: Changes to come


Today was such an action packed day for Bryan and I! We woke up, headed to the gym for about an hour and came back to some delicious omelets and fruit. We drove out in this awful rainfall to Pittsburgh and stopped for coffee at this cute little shop called Crazy Mocha Cafe which was surrounded by other tiny shops! Sadly it was too drizzly to walk around and soak up the environment, but I’ll keep this in mind for next time. Next stop: to visit the Carnegie Science Center/Sports Worx! Definitely recommend visiting, especially with younger children. Four floors of adventures, such as space exploration, the planetarium, robots, trains and railroads, nutrition/food, and under the sea. Bryan and I were able to watch a presentation held by the allegheny health center discussing taste buds. It’s incredible to see young kids so excited about science, it’s so heart warming.

Although it was tailored more to the younger audience it was still rather fun! After the science center we headed over to Sports Worx, where we rock climbed, pitched baseballs, played a little hockey, and became swarmed with tiny summer campers. Today was definitely a day well spent! After a super busy morning and afternoon we headed
home and stopped for some Panera Bread for lunch! Haven’t been here in so long, and it’s been SO long since I’ve been here on a day where they served my favorite soup—garden vegetable! Now were just relaxing to some mindless television and playing cats cradle while the rain hits the windowpanes of the apartment. Day 7 includes some changes, and that’s a very vague topic. As summer ends and the semester starts in nearly a month, I’ve got plenty of changes I want to happen. Physically I’m hoping to become more fit, strong, and lean. I want to eat clean but not restrict myself to where I’m always craving or super indulging. Mentally, I want to care less of what others say, focus more on school work and learn rather than memorize, and learn to handle my stress better.

Anyone have any great stress relieving tactics?

Hope you all enjoyed your Mondays!

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