Day 8 & 9: Routine and someone you love

Well I’m not entirely sure if you all know this but I’m a strict routine person! I’m not the most spontaneous and “go with the flow” type of girl, so routine is strictly important. My morning routine is usually the same:
-wake up at 5
-click brew on the coffee
-head into the bathroom to wash my face
-pick up the brewed coffee/scroll through my emails and social media
-leave for the gym: 5:30-6:40 usually
– Shower
-make my breakfast
-update my website and tada! whatever the rest of the day entails

My nightly routine varies from if I work or have school, it always consists of:

-brushing teeth
-washing my face
– setting up the coffee for morning
-locking the doors
-putting on my gym clothes

and that’s about it regarding routine! My day 9’s person I love, that’s a tough one. I would definitely have to say my mom. although I love both my parents equally, my mom would be the person I would choose. She’a always there for me, through thick and in. she’s not that overprotective parent, but she doesn’t always find a way to communicate and check in without being that “who are you with what are you doing now” mother. sometimes I used to get angry not being allowed to do things but looking back I bet I would do the same thing for my child. Having the same sense of humor and interests makes it actually fun to be home on a Saturday night with her. Can’t wait to be home and reunited with her.

20140716-124906-46146894.jpgYesterday now was amazing! Bryan and I left for Pittsburgh around 7am and stopped for breakfast before officially making it to Warped Tour. The lineup for the bands wasn’t the best but there were a few i was happy to see. Got a lot of free stuff regarding vegetarianism and Bryan got a Tshirt, poster, and a cd! The weather was perfect too, not super hot or super cold, can’t wait for the next concert we go to.

anyone been to Firefly or Bonaroo? Any recommendations?

20140716-125408-46448610.jpgOn our way home we stopped at, but of course, Panera bread! Bryan was a bit upset that they were out of bread bowl so they gave him extra bread instead. By the time we go home it was about 9pm, and our plans for movie watching fell through due to the fact that we fell asleep before 10pm! From the sun, the music, the walking around all day, we were all so beat. Today is our last fun filled day before Bryan heads home to NJ tomorrow, so hopefully I can get rid of this nasty sleepy feeling after work and enjoy the rest of the day together. Hope the weather is beautiful for all of you guys! Enjoy!

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