Day 10: childhood memories

20140717-195232-71552841.jpgLast night was the final night Bryan got to stay over before he left today! We made some delicious homemade pizzas for dinner and played some badminton outside. We woke up and got back on track from the crazy past few days and went to the gym, followed by delicious protein fruit smoothies and oatmeal! I’m so happy Bryan has been joining me, it’s incredible how you can feel after a morning workout. Bryan even said that if I hadn’t had gotten him up he would still be in bed at 8am. Bryan’s oatmeal was maple and apple and cinnamon while mine was high fiber banana cinnamon oat bran (you can definitely see the difference!) We got some spackling and cleaning done in the house, and all I really have left to do is pack up and move out! It’s going to be a sad day moving back home for a bit, but I think I’m ready!


20140717-200241-72161142.jpgWe had some wild rice and quinoa with broccoli and green beans for lunch, making sure Bryan was full for his five hour drive home. He was nice and surprised me with some dark chocolate before he left 🙂 he knows me so well! Day 10 discusses child good memories, and I have an incredible memory for sure. I’m great at remembering times and dates and what people wear and when they wear it. I wish I could say I have a photographic memory, but I know that’s not the case. I would definitely have to say a memory I truly remember is one linked to my passion of food. I used to pretend to host my own cooking show when I was about 6 years old. I would demonstrate how to properly out peanut butter on crackers and pretend to video tape it and everything! Gosh that sounds so humiliating but looking back, I would love to be actually doing that as a career! Funny how little things like that may actually lead to a real career one day.

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