Day 11: something blue

20140718-145245-53565548.jpgOf course, what else but take a photo of the blue pool that I work at? and that no one seems to attend to and amuse me! sitting on my bum for six hours can get pretty boring, but luckily I’ve been indulging in some books to keep me busy. I recently just devoured the Awakened series, which I actually got free from Bookbub.com! they send me free books to my email and. I download them to my kindle/nook device, check them out!

20140718-145628-53788042.jpgAfter my morning workout I made the most delicious and thick protein shake ever!
– 1/2 banana
– handful of strawberries
– chocolate protein powder
– splash of almond milk!

20140718-150124-54084096.jpgbam! beauty in a blender,
literally the consistently was perfect! tasted just like pudding. Also, GNC is having a promotion right now! Go on the GNC Facebook and click “redeem” and they will send you an email to your email address for a free shaker bottle and free gold membership! Just went to the mall and picked mine up today, so happy! Also I just purchased the Nike Fuelband, so I’ll have to let you all know how that goes

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