Smoothie Saturdays!

20140719-152125-55285257.jpgLazy Saturday for me! With the rain smacking against my windows and no work to attend too, it’s a lazy Saturday! I hit up the gym and came back and made myself my usual chocolate pudding protein shake. Afterwards I settled down with a cup of coffee and ordered some new supplements from bodybuilding.com. You can see on my laptop I’m deciding on what questbar
I should buy! I’ve heard cookies and cream is the best one, so I guess I should give it a shot. Abbi and I decided to head to Walmart and get down groceries and random supplies, and I completely forgot the number one rule of life: never go to Walmart on a Saturday! my mother taught me that rule numerous times and I can’t believe I forgot it! Worst decision ever, but thankfully after an hour and a half of Abbi being indecisive, we got some groceries and of course, things we didn’t actually need.

20140719-152233-55353109.jpg I made another shake later on:

1/3 banana
4 frozen strawberries
handful of berries
splash of almond milk
Designer Whey Vanilla protein

Made it as thick as pudding and yum! Look at the color! Dug right into it, and it tasted so good, especially on this humid and sticky day. I can’t wait to move out of this area and move to some area such as Colorado, where there is apparently 340 days of sunshine year round; how incredible does that sound? I’ve heard so many great things about that state and I can’t wait to get out and hopefully visit at some point within the year.


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