Day 12: What I can’t live without? Passion


After sweating my butt off in the gym this morning (and of course, it’s Sunday, so no one was there!) I made myself a chocolate banana protein shake and took a nice hot shower. As much as I love waking up early, I wonder what it feels like to sleep in. It’s been months since I’ve done that and I’m really tempted to try it, but I know my day will linger with regret if I do so. As I sip this cup of coffee, I’m also reading up on some health articles because I will be writing for http://www.Hercampus.com ! How exciting Is that?! My school has a chapter for HerCampus so I asked if I could write for their health section. Can’t wait to get my articles published! I’ll be sure to post a few of them on here. I’ve always dreamt of being a writer for Self or Prevention magazine, I think that would really be my dream job! Maybe one day I’ll make it up there. After being called into work last night, I was able to make a long list of article ideas to write (it was a slow night, so nobody came and bugged me).


Really loving this 68 degree weather right now! Hopefully it gets a little warmer so I can be cozy and warm at the pool working tonight, but for now I’m enjoying the weather. Day 12: What I can’t live without. As much as I would love to write something tangible, I feel that passion is something I, or anyone, can’t live without. Without passion, what is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of your job or living if there is no passion to fuel you? Some people run on coffee, some people sugar, and some people run off of their ego, but I personally run on passion. Personally, if I wasn’t passionate about food, nutrition, or exercise, where would I be right now? I wouldn’t be involved in half of the clubs and project I am in now, I wouldn’t be as toned and muscular as I am, I wouldn’t be as health conscious as I currently am, and chances are I wouldn’t be writing this blog! Passion is such an important quality people should really find time to find in their life. I’m grateful for how young of an age I found it at.



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