Superfood of the week: Peaches

peach10-300x225Starting a new segment on here to advertise a new fruit/vegetable of the week and why we should all be digging into that specific super food! This week’s superfood goes to peaches, as they’re currently at their peak of the season–fully ripe and ready to enjoy on these summery, July evenings. Peaches are such an important fruit to add to your diet, especially now while they’re a their peak. We all associate bananas with potassium, but have you ever considered peaches? Peaches are high in potassium, which is important in muscle recovery, fighting fatigue, bruising, and clearing up skin problems. Peaches are also high in fiber and lycopene. The insoluble fiber from peaches helps keep you regular while absorbing the bad LDL cholesterol from your body, and the lycopene (which gives the peach the reddish/orangish color) is a powerful antioxidant in charge of heart health. Chlorogenic acid, another antioxidant found in peaches, works as an anti-inflammatory. And lastly, you cannot forget about the Vitamin C content of this super fruit! Chock full of vitamin C, this fruit is great for skin care and immunity health. Make sure to add peaches on your grocery list next time you hit the store, or check out a local farmers market.  

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