Day 13: Eyes and Nike Fuelbands

20140721-214516-78316868.jpgPurchased the Nike Fuelband Se today! My thoughts? Definitely thinking of returning it. Sadly, it doesn’t track miles or distance and the step pedometer seems fairly inaccurate. I’ll use my Nike run app to run and track how far i go but overall I wish it would tell me miles. I was fairly depressed but I’ll give it another two days before I send it back just to see what else it can do. Has anyone else purchased an awesome fitness/GPS watch? I’d love to hear other options out there!

I’ve looked into fitbit, the Nike sports GPS, and a few garmin ones but I guess I’ll have to continue the hunt!


20140721-215002-78602612.jpgI tested out my new watch with a two mile run outside and I felt so dehydrated and run down, the humidity was really kicking my butt! I had a customer tell me that it felt as if he was “breathing through a wet cotton ball”…what? did that even make sense? I couldn’t help but hold in my laughter. it was an interesting comparison nonetheless. Now it’s another night to lay down and fall asleep and get up and do another 7-4pm shift and start packing up my stuff to go home soon! Day 13 is eyes, so here’s a photo of my eyes! Now that my hair is (sorta) growing out, I’m able to throw it in a bun and not mess with it all day! Am I the only girl whose in a constant battle between wanting short and long hair? It’s the average woman struggle I suppose.

Hope you all were able to accomplish your goals today, tomorrow is another day to achieve the best!

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