Work it out Wednesday, feeling beautiful!

20140723-071903-26343190.jpgYesterday was such an incredibly busy day! From working 7-5, havig to pick up a package at the leasing office, moving and packing my stuff, I was literally so pooped, so sorry for the lack of posts! But today is already a better day, I can feel it. For some reason there are some days in which I’m running and can barely make it through the first mile, while other days I’m storming through the second and can keep on going. Today was the energetic day, and man I felt amazing. I personally think it has to do with the music you listen to while running. My favorite favorite station to listen to on Spotify while running is “Adventure Club”– I seriously just wanna dance while I’m on the treadmill! The beat, the remixes and mash ups of songs are just great and keep me pumped up. Of course you’ll get that occasional slow one but overall it’s definitely a win for me.

What stations do you listen to /playlists do you make while running? Do you even listen to music? What keeps you going strong?

Afterwards I took a quick shower and downed my protein shake, the worst part was I was out of strawberries! 😦 I love how thick the strawberries make the shake so I opted for a tablespoon of all natural strawberry jam just for the flavor and included some spinach; it was a new take but honestly no difference! Gulped it down in seconds, well maybe a few minutes due to the photo attempt it took with it, heheh. Although my hair is soaking wet and I have no makeup on, I feel even more beautiful than ever. Working out makes me few incredibly beautiful.

-1/2 banana frozen
-1 scoop of chocolate protein powder ( I recommend pure protein chocolate shake it MetRx Triple chocolate shake)
-1 spoonful of all natural strawberry jam (Polanders could work!)
-a few spinach leaves (try a little and taste, then increase if you feel you can handle more)

Time to pack some snacks for work today and head on out to work my double 830am-10pm shift, wish me luck!

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