Thursday: can it just be over yet?!

20140724-162231-58951276.jpgThis week is slowly becoming less stressful. As all of my items slowly disappear from my house and into the new apartment, I feel a sense of relief. Sadly I have very slim pickings of what to eat now that my pots and pans are in the new place! That means only quick refrigerated items and microwavable good will have to do. I made myself my usual chocolate protein shake for breakfast and have been snacking on apples and peanut butter throughout the day. I’ve been experimenting with natural peanut butter and I think having to stir the peanut butter is worth it, there are only 3 ingredients in the natural peanut butter I buy, and it’s even store brand 2.70$! Definitely worth it. I’m currently waiting for my friend Matt to help me move the rest of these drawers and bookcases and get them out of this current apartment! I’m so excited to be home with my family again, my moms already asking what I’ve been eating lately because she knows how different we are with lifestyles.

I can’t believe how fast time flies, how I’m almost graduating and starting my career. I don’t even know now to do my own taxes! Thinking about the future is so scary.

I can’t wait until my new apartment comes together and I’ll be living with two of the best girls ever, Sadie and Alayna. Maybe by next year I’ll have my mind set on what I want to do with my nutrition career and have this website booming!
Any tips for a future blogger/writer?

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