Thursday evening progress: what interests you in a blog?

What makes you look at a blog and say “Hey! That’s neat! Let me read more!”

I’m finally getting some progress in with this whole blogging idea, check out the new widgets I added on the side: instagram, twitter, and soon to come more recipes and pages! So excited to start blogging and hopefully enter the heath field as a writer! Some exciting ideas for my blog:

– videos of cooking

-superfruit of the week posts

– motivation monday posts

– new, updated recipe section

what would you like to see on a health blog?

What are some of your aspirations in life?

I’m so happy to say that everything is finally moved out and I can now relax, clean, and enjoy my last few days on my own. It’s been a bitter sweet year but I can honestly say I’m exciting to see what the future has for me. For possibly graduating early, hoping for an internship, some research with my psychology and biology professors, and hopefully much more.

I sent back my Nike Fuelband SE today because of my dissatisfaction with the product. Although it was really interesting and very tech savy in which it linked to my phone and kept me updated, the steps were so inaccurate (aka I would walk 50 steps and it would only log in 6). I’m hoping to find a better watch that does more in regards to running and possibly GPS. I’ve looked at some Polar watches and I’m debating whether I should invest in one of their watches. As an aspiring runner, I’m really looking forward to getting the best and beneficial gear. Although there are plenty of free apps for cell phones, I don’t want to be draining my battery all day long while attempting to log all my health concerns for the day. Maybe I’ll have to splurge on a GoPro and post some crazy videos.


Tomorrow’s agenda:

– morning grind at the gym! 5:30-6:30

– working at the local pool 8:30-2:30pm

-updating the heck out of wordpress!


Let’s all get a good night’s sleep and work hard tomorrow!

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