Friday: a Series of Unfortunate events

IMG_1971Waking up, I was on the sofa instead of my usual bed due to the whole “you don’t have a bed just a pillow and all your belonging are piled on the bed” situation—moving stinks. Especially when you can’t just move right away and you have t wait a few days. Disoriented at first, I was able to get my coffee brewed, scroll through some emails and be out the door around 5:25. By 5:50 the gym was filled, and by filled I mean there was 8 people instead of the usual two, and that really got under my skin, especially because there were  three young teenagers who didn’t entirely know what they were doing and were taking up the entire squat rack and dumbbells just chit chatting with one another! If you aren’t using them, make room for other people right? Common courtesy! Luckily they only stayed for twenty minutes and left.

I finished up strong, improving my hip adduction and abduction weights to 90 pounds instead of the usual 75 and headed home. Entirely forgetting I had few ingredients and utensils to make breakfast, my cottage cheese and fruit “bowl” had to be made in my favorite coffee mug today. The ingredients for this delicious (and high protein/fiber) filled breakfast included:

– 1/ cup of 1% cottage cheese

-1 cup blueberries (or mixed berries, frozen)

-1/2 cup of almond milk, more or less depending on the thickness you want

-cinnamon, as much as you want

– About 1/3 of a banana, sliced.

Mix the cinnamon, banana, and cottage cheese together, add the milk, and then mix in the berries. I freeze it for about 5 minutes to let it thicken, and honestly 4-5 minutes is all it takes to get it thick. With roughly 13 grams of protein (more if you use regular non-almond milk) and around 6 grams of fiber, you’ve got yourself a pretty great start to your day!

After I polished off that meal, I headed to what I thought was work, but turned out I got to work and wasn’t scheduled until 2:30 pm Disappointed smile talk about great luck right? Drove on back and got down to cleaning business:


-carpet cleaned

-took marks off the walls

And of course, now I sit and wait for half the floor to dry so I can do the other half.

For some reason there were a few quirks in my day, a few minor frustrations that people I know would just get so angry about and claim that today was a “bad day”

No. There are NO such things as bad days! We only have bad moments. We all have the potential to turn the day around and make it amazing, and that’s my plan. Although there were a few mishaps, nothing can ruin my happiness except myself, and I will not tolerate that!

Enjoy your fridays everyone! Let the weekend begin!

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