Tuesday mornings & the Nike GPS sports watch

Aviary Photo_130511095170879454Waking up in such an unfamiliar territory can be a bit of a struggle, especially when you’re used to your morning routine. I’m not much of a girl who enjoys the switch up of a morning routine, but change occurs when you visit your parents house, just need some adjusting!

I managed to wake up, get some coffee and supplements inside of my belly and head on out to the gym my father goes to. As a previous powerlifter, everyone knows him at the gym…and I mean EVERYONE. I bet if I wore a tee shirt that said “Luke’s daughter” everyone would be coming up to me haha. The worst thing about switching over to a new gym is the fact that you have absolutely no idea where any of the machines or weights are! Especially  at Gold’s gym, the one my father goes too. It’s so big and has numerous rooms I nearly felt like a newbie! I’m used to having the entire gym to myself for a whole hour at my privately owned one back at school, but coming into a chain gym at 5:30AM…well…it was packed! I managed to run my usual two miles and get some lifting and strength training in. I’ll have to head out for an evening run later on as well with my new Nike GPS sportswatch.

How I feel about the sports watch: I enjoyed it yesterday! There’s an alarm on there, and it tracks your distance, speed, pace, and haert rate is you buy the separate heart rate monitor. You download the program online and can track where you run (GPS run by TomTom). However, the treadmill today didn’t quite register it very well. I read  reviews and they claim it works fine, but mine didn’t work up to my expectations today. It’s not a huge deal because you have the treadmill to tell you your distance and such, but it still kind of upset me. The stop watch on the watch itself came in handy when I was doing my planks though! No need to use my phone’s stopwatch.

I came back, and my parents were both still sleeping, so using my loud blender was not an option (since, ya know, I am courteous and all!) So I opted for fruit and cottage cheese with some cinnamon and milk! Threw that baby in the freezer for three minutes and munched on that. I love the mix of blueberries, raspberries, cherries, an blackberries—a nice punch of antioxidants in the morning.

Now off for a cup of coffee and to get my day started!

Patches wanted to say hi to everyone while I blogged!

Aviary Photo_130511104195223383

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