Happy Workout Wednesday!

20140729_153618530_iOSHappy Workout Wednesday!! Have you ever woke up roughly ten minutes before your alarm goes off and tell yourself “Ugh, it’s not close enough to wake up, but not long enough to fall back asleep”? It’s the worst! Sadly that happened to me today, but I was able to get up and get moving after my cup of coffee! I got all my stuff and drove over to the gym (this gym is roughly 10 minutes away while my other one was only 3 minutes away, yet another downfall of this gym substitution, but hey, it’s only temporary until I’m back at school). I was halfway down with my cardio when the machine shut off on me! I was so upset so I just hopped on over to the other machine and picked up where I left off and decided to let the man behind the counter know about the problem. Turns out his daughter and son graduated a year or two younger than me from the same school, so we chit chatted for a bit before I started lifting. Can’t wait to head to the gym with my dad tomorrow, that should be interesting!

Got home and made myself my chocolate protein shake with banana and strawberries, but I ran out of chocolate protein powder! So I ended up filling the rest of the scoop with vanilla and giving it a whack. Couldn’t taste much of a difference so I gulped that down in seconds!


Aviary Photo_130511953368718939

Now I’m just peacefully blogging away on my back porch. It’s incredible having some privacy versus living in a college town with a bunch of loud and obnoxious students. I still long for my own house, with my own dog, and a career that’ll help pay my bills, but for now I should live in the present and let the future come when it’s ready. Bryan and I are hitting up the park later to get some ball action and rollerblading in, can’t wait!

Hope you all get to enjoy this lovely workout wednesday!

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