Flex (and fashion) Friday!


Happy Flex (and fashion) Friday everyone!! Woke up, got my A-game on and went to the gym, managed to run 4 miles today, more than I was anticipating on running! I finally got my mile time under seven minutes, it’s been a few years since I tried getting my mile time under seven minutes, but hopefully I can strive for a better time. My neighbor Luke is going to be a high school senior this upcoming school year and he was just admitted into the school records due to his fast times for track. He’s an incredible cross country runner and track runner, and although he’s younger than me, he’s still an inspiration in the running world. He’s going to go far when he starts applying for colleges. I made my usual cottage cheese and fruit this morning after my workout paired with a cinnamon bun quest bar! mmmhm delicious! I definitely recommend quest bars!

Last night was such an amazing night! Grabbed dinner with my two co-workers from Rita’s at the Cheesecake Factory (in which we got 25% off because my sister works there) and then went to Rita’s afterwards to see all my co-workers that I’ve missed so much! While I was gone they decided to chalk up my car all nice and fancy. After dinner I was able to see my neighbor Luke and his three younger sisters, 14, 10, and 7. It was essentially a neighborhood reunion, all catching up, and by the time I looked at my watch it was nearly 9:30pm!

Connecting with people you haven’t seen in three or four years? One of the best feelings in the world.

The rest of the day will consist of some shopping with the mother, and potentially working on some new articles to write for HerCampus.com, a college based websites with information on fashion, food, health, and essentially anything that would interest a college student essentially. Can’t wait to be published and link some of those articles to my blog!


Enjoy your flex friday!


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