Super fruit Sunday: apples apples apples!

20140803-214338-78218273.jpgHope you’re all enjoying your weekend like you should be! Tomorrow starts another cycle of the long work week, but that shouldn’t stop us from meeting our goals and remaining healthy. This weekend I was able to pick up a new pair of glasses that actually contained my updated prescription and pick out a few new clothes with my mother. The worst part about my weekend? Waking up, driving to the gym, and realizing that Gold’s gym is NOT a 24-7 gym…aka I arrived 2 hours before regular weekend opening time! I was so upset. I came home, got my morning run around town in (mind you it was pouring!) and did a short ab workout. Today’s workout was exactly the same, and I’m so excited to get back in the gym tomorrow to kick some butt! We can’t forget about our super fruit Sunday though!

Today’s award goes to the apple, each and every kind of apple. Apples are great in snacks, main meals, side dishes, and even desserts. The versatility of this fruit is beyond amazing. Apples are packed with Vitamin c, filling the fruit with a great antioxidant punch. Apples also contain a good source of fiber, which help regular your digestive system and he lower your LDL cholesterol. In recent studies apples have been shown to help aid in the decreasing risk of heart disease, which scientists believe is due to the antioxidant compounds. One of the antioxidants in apples, quercetin, is said to help boost your energy levels and help you through a tough workout. Quercetin makes oxygen available for your lungs to use, so if you need something light before a workout, shoot for an apple.

Eating a medium size apple also helps meet your goal of roughly two cups of fruit daily (1 medium is equal to one cup of fruit). Being one of the more affordable and year round fruits, there’s no reason your kitchen shouldn’t be stocked with these babies! Go on and get crunchin on these goodies!!


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