August 4: Motivation Monday

20140803_102131054_iOSI woke up this morning to my Nike Sports GPS watch and said “no no no! I need more sleep!”. Leaned over to my side table, popped my pre workout pills in my mouth and hustled over splash water on my face and get my coffee brewing. For some reason I just did not want to get up and get my day started, but thank god I did! I kille my HIIT workout at the gym and felt so bubbly on my car ride home that I was singing and dancing in the driver seat. Luckily it wasn’t even 7am so no one was on the road, or outside mowing their lawn staring at me as I drove by Smile What I learned from this weekend is that no matter the weather—snow, rain, sunshine—go for a run! I ran a few miles in the pouring rain and it felt so good, I nearly felt powerful after that short run. I loved using my Nike GPS watch the rain because of the fact that it’s water resistant (note: resistant, not waterproof. aka don’t go swimming with it!). Some of the great things I love about this product:

-Water resistant

– tracks distance

-tracks pace

-tracks heart rate (if you buy the special heart rate monitor to go with it)

-GPS tracking (accurate! plug your watch in the computer and it uploads all your data and routes)

-stop watch (especially good for when you want to time your planks of course)

-alarm clock/regular clock

-tracks calories burned

I wish it counted my daily steps, but hey I’m not complaining. Definitely recommend this watch!


Polished off a bowl of strawberry greek yogurt, bananas, and mixed berries for my post- workout snack and debating on what I want to snack on next. Have to be careful this morning because of my dreaded dentist appointment Disappointed smile I’ll pray for no cavities and no fillings!

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