Kill that kardio!

20140805_134528000_iOSGood morning WordPress! Everyone kill their workouts this morning? Found this online and decided to give it a try today. I ended up running 2 miles, lifting weights, and followed this circuit, plus added a HIIT treadmill workout afterwards. I was SO pumped up after my workout, I could feel the positive energy pouring off my body. I came home, whipped up a berry banana and vanilla protein milkshake and guzzled that down in a heartbeat! Make sure you get your whey protein in roughly an after after your workout so it can start repairing your muscles!






Last night Bryan and I indulged in our inner child selves and watched The Wildthornberry Movie…does anyone else remember that movie?! Granted I fell asleep halfway through it but hey it was great to relive my childhood. We went raspberry picking since his backyard is filled to the max with with raspberry bushes. My favorite uses for raspberries are throwing them in my yogurt, cottage cheese, or tossing them in a smoothie with some almond milk and protein powder. My two room mates for next year, Sadie and Alayna, messaged me and asked me to help them become “healthy”. How amazing does it feel having people contact you to help them reach their health goals? I felt so incredible that people contact me and ask for help, and that’s my goal for the future. Whether I become a personal trainer, a dietitian, or just a motivational speaker, it would be amazing to reach out and help society.

The rest of the day will involve typing of new articles for HerCampus’s website, plus buying some textbooks for the upcoming semester Sad smile happy tuesday to all of you!




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