Workout Wednesday with some transformation

20140806_132455000_iOSHappy workout Wednesday! Has anyone else been getting that “I don’t want to wake up and workout” funk lately? I can’t seem to shake it. Luckily I know how great I will feel afterwards which pushes me to get up and get moving, I remember just last month I would run two miles on the treadmill at a reasonable pace of roughly 17 minutes, and today I ran two miles in 15:36! I can’t believe I made that much progress in a month, how crazy is that? Maybe soon enough ill be working up towards a marathon. I came home, brewed a cup of coffee and sat down with some cottage cheese, fruit, and bran flakes mix. I was going through some old photos and I came across one from high school and I was so shocked. My arms were so thin and absolutely no muscle on them, so I decided to put a recent one side by side and gaze at the difference. It’s incredible how far people come. From disordered eating and always fearing weight gain, to now where I eat a balanced diet and workout to get muscle. I feel so much stronger, happier, and healthier (and tanner hehe) than I was before, and it feels awesome!  It may take a while to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, but once you do become comfortable, it’s an amazing feeling!




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