Spontaneity: A necessity

Aviary Photo_130520733732181418Spontaneity is something that never came easy for me, and I’ve learned to accept it. The past few days though have been an eye opening experience to say the least, and I’m happy to say that I’m coming out of my niche! Thursday I woke up and hit the gym and made myself a delicious smoothie including:

-1 scoop Designer whey vanilla protein

-1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

-1 banana

-4 tablespoons old fashion oats

– 4-6 oz almond milk

The oats added a little fiber boost plus thickened it up!


Thursday night I was invited to stay over one of my good friend Brian’s house with a few of our friends so we could head out at 2am and enter New York City to watch Luke Bryan perform on Good Morning America. I dabble in a few country singers every now and then, and Luke Bryan is definitely among my favorites (I mean, who wouldn’t love that guy?! Just look at him!) So of course I said yes. As the time got closer to leave to Brian’s, however, my motivation kept decreasing and all I wanted to do was go to sleep and just call off the whole thing. I even tried but Brian insisted I come!


And of course I did, and man what a great time it was! We stayed up all night and all of us, some of the people that I haven’t spoken to since high school, caught up and chit chatted about our new lives, our passions, our careers—it was amazing to see how much people have matured. We left at 2am, grabbed the Staten Island ferry at 4am, got lost on the Subways and in Central park until 5:30 where we finally made it to the front of the line (by 5:30 am I had been up for over 24 hours and I was ready for a good nap!) Not only did I learn that Good Morning America live shows aren’t the best (in my opinion) but I also learned that spontaneity is necessary in life: for health, for happiness, and for living. You only truly live once, right? Winking smile


I got home around 12:30 pm and fell right to sleep, only to wake up around 4:30 from a text from one of the members from our Luke Bryan group to get some ice cream that night. Another spontaneous activity? I thought I had enough unexpected events happen for the day, but I figured I would accept it. Besides, if I went back to sleep I would never be able to fall asleep that night. Got myself some chocolate fudge frozen yogurt, felt it was well worth it!


20140809_130710811_iOSThis morning though it was beyond hard to wake up! Decided to take an off day and sleep in until 7:30am, take a nice hot shower and spend the day relaxing and recuperating from lack of sleep. Just because it’s an off day doesn’t mean to ruin your diet!! Bodybuilding.com sent me my new products with a free razor, free casein protein powder, andddd a free pre workout drink mix. I made the protein powder this morning:

-1/2 frozen banana

-1/2 of the On chocolate decadence casein protein powder

6 oz almond milk

Delicious! Truly loved this brand. 160 calories for 30 grams of protein? not bad!


Time to relax, recuperate, and enjoy the rest of my weekend! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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