9-14: “FALL” into healthy habits (and check out my second article! BELOW!!)


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It’s now Sunday, the beginning of a new week, and no excuses when it comes to new and healthy habits. My roommate Alayna and I went on a twenty mile bike ride on Friday since the weather had finally turned form 85 to 65, and boy did it kick our butts!! We road 10 miles one way on the Hoodlebug Trail located in Indiana, PA and 10 miles back home. The first half truly wasn’t as bad as the last time I managed to bike it with Bryan (maybe because I finally bought a real Shwinn bike versus my last Walmart brand bike) but the way back was just treacherous! We got home and plopped on the sofas and just laid there, completely out of breath. It was easily one of the best and most spontaneous workouts I have partaken in in such a long time.

Yesterday was my first day of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide! Anyone else try out that program yet? I’m so excited to finally begin a set and structured program with all of the rules and sessions planned out in front of me. Lets cross our fingers that this twelve guide can really create a transformation in not just my body but my mind as well.

ALSO: my second article was published!! Open-mouthed smile  check it out now!

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