20140914_094254935_iOSTuesdays: We all see Tuesdays as so unimportant and such a waste of time—there is no excitement or anticipation for a Tuesday. That’s how I felt this morning. Waking up, and hitting my alarm off to sleep in felt amazing. Do I condone this activity? No of course not! But sometimes when you’re body is under so much stress and so little sleep, a little extra sleep is great for you!

But you know what that means? A nice nighttime workout session! After all my classes today hopefully I’ll gain some energy and complete my cardio for the day. Maybe it’s all in my mind but that Kayla Itsines workout I have been engaging in lately seems to be kicking my butt and making me feel incredible about myself. But it’s only day three, can’t get ahead of myself just left. Yesterday’s arm workout kept my arms aching the rest of the day. I’ll have to keep you posted on the complete transformation in twelve weeks!



Some exciting news to come!

– I’ll be doing some undergraduate research regarding leptin levels in cells in the biology department!

– I’ll be doing a nice little mini teaching session at my local YMCA in the daycare regarding fruits and vegetables

– I’ll also be completing undergraduate research in the Psychology department regarding eating disorders!

How exciting is this?? Ah! I feel as though my life is slowly coming together, and nutrition is a huge part that I want to share with the world.

How can I make this blog more interesting to you guys? Let me know!

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