9-20-14 Shoe Candy and Research Articles


Nothing says “Treating yourself” like a brand new pair of shoes! I went to the Gingerbreadman Running Store on Philadelphia street and bought a new pair of running shoes. My last pair were getting extremely run down, so I decided to opt for the same pair except a different color scheme (I managed to match them to my shirt as well!). Craig from the running store always tells me: “Tabitha you can’t buy a pair of shoes by color, it’s all about how they feel”

Well I lucked out because these Nike’s feel great, look great, and are perfect for my severely over pronated feet. Felt good to go for a run with these new babies! I started Week 2 of Kayla Itsine’s BBG and it was killer today. Leg and cardio day is the hardest and most painful one, yet at the end you always feel so accomplished.  I did two gym sessions today and am now all cozy and relaxed typing up this blog post while reading a few articles for my research project. I’m so excited to begin! Although this material is currently dry, I definitely can’t wait to begin the hands on activity.


Today I also had the opportunity to work in the deli from 9-1pm. I had a lady come asking about kale—she wanted to try the superfood kale salad that I was selling in the display case. I offered her a sample and she said she enjoyed the blueberries that were mixed in it but she just couldn’t get past the bitter taste. My eyes lit up with joy as I gave her so many recommendations on what to do with kale: throw in smoothies, add a few leaves in your salad, juice them, make kale chips, etc. I told her all the health benefits of kale and that she can mask the bitter taste if she really tries.

You know how rewarding it feels to speak to a customer about something your passionate about and have them thank you for your service? Out of all the things I accomplished today, I definitely have to say that experience was the most rewarding one of them all.

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